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Bell Headphones

ANC headphones made with sustainability: rABS and recycled metals. Comfortable ear pads echo the theme, 40mm drivers, 20-20kHz frequency response and wireless connection up to 10m. Up to 20h autonomy thanks to the 500mAh battery and USB-C convenience to charge them (up to 2 hours) complete the harmony of design and function.

Copernicus Headphones

Crafted in eco-friendly rABS, these wireless headphones have 16 hours playtime with a 400 mAh capacity, amplify sound with ANC, house a mic and charge effortlessly during 3 hours with USB-C. 40mm drivers and frequency response of 20-20kHz and a wireless connection up to 10m. All carefully packed inside a recycled cardboard individual box.

Echodeep Headphones

Elevate your sound experience with over-ear headphones delivering rich bass through 40mm drivers and 300mAh capacity. Enjoy comfort with soft earpads and a frequency range of 100-20kHz. Revel in 30+ hours of playtime and embrace sustainability with recycled ABS plastic construction. Charging time of about 2.5 hours through USB-C connection and a wireless connection up to 10m.

Faraday Headphones

These headphones blend eco-luxury: in rABS and cork details. Ear pads that amplify comfort and a wireless connection (up to 10m) to make them easier to use. 8h autonomy, 400 mAh capacity and USB-C door for seamless power. Playtime of about 8 hours and charging time of 3 to 4 hours. 30mm drivers and 20-20kHz frequency response allow sound and sustainability to be in perfect harmony.

Fleming Headphones

Immerse in wireless bliss with these headphones. Epitomize eco-luxury: rABS and bamboo details. A 400 mAh capacity battery, a frequency response of 20-20kHz, 40mm drivers and wireless connection (up to 10 m) add convenience. The ear pads guarantee comfort. 8 hour autonomy, while the USB-C door ensures swift charging (3 to 4 hours).

Galileo Headphones

Headphones with seamless wireless connection up to 10m. rABS body and earmuffs unite style and sustainability. Up to 8h autonomy keeps you tuned in through 60mm drivers. USB-C door simplifies charging (about 1.5 hours). Your choice for an eco-friendly sound experience with 400 mAh capacity and 20-20kHz frequency response.

Ultraz Headphones

Immerse in serenity with these Active Noise Canceling (ANC) headphones with a 300 mAh capacity. 40mm drivers and 4 AI-powered mics ensure unparalleled audio. Travel case included. Enjoy 40+ hours of playtime. A charging time of 2.5 hours through USB-C connection and a frequency response of 100-15kHz. Wireless connction up to 10m. Crafted with care from recycled ABS Plastic.