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Amstrong Cap

Stay stylish and eco-conscious with our rPET cap. At 110 gsm, it's lightweight and comfortable. Designed with six panels and an adjustable back snap. Your go-to accessory for everyday adventures packed in a bidegradable polybag.

Aretha Umbrella

Be prepared for the rain with our 32'' golf umbrella. With rPET panels, fibreglass shaft and ribs, it is a windproof umbrella with automatic opening. Close it with the matching colour velcro strap. A comfortable dark wooden handle and an individual rPET pouch.

Bach Umbrella

Embrace the rain with our 27'' wooden umbrella. Its sturdy wood structure and round handle make it a stormproof companion. It features 8 panels windproof design, automatic opening and eco-friendly rPET fabric. Comes in an individual rPET pouch.

Cobain Beanie

Enjoy the chilly days with our wool and rPET beanie. Crafted for comfort, it's a single-layer knitted marvel that's warm and also versatile. With its unique fold, it has customizable patch and it is supplied in a biodegradable polybag.

Cornell Cap

Upgrade your headwear game with our eco-friendly recycled cotton cap. Crafted for comfort at 180 gsm, it features a trendy design and an adjustable back snap. Make a sustainable fashion statement with every wear.

Darrell Cap

Wrap your head in comfort and sustainability with our recycled cotton cap. At 280 gsm, it's a cozy fit for any adventure. With 6 panels and an adjustable back metal buckle, it's your go-to accessory for style and convenience.

Hendrix Cap

This recycled cotton cap of 280 gsm isn't just stylish; it's your all-rounder for any occasion. Whether you're at the beach, on a bike ride, or in the city, it's your go-to accessory for sun protection. With 5 panels and an adjustable back buckle it ensures a snug fit.

Jackson Foldable Umbrella

Master the elements with our 27'' rPET foldable umbrella. With automatic opening and closing it is very easy to carry around. Crafted with a stormproof fibreglass frame, wood handle and recycled aluminium shaft. Supplied in a rPET individual pouch..

Marley Beanie

This rPET beanie is your go-to for chilly days. Whether you're heading for a winter hike, a casual stroll in the park, or just want to add a touch of warmth to your daily outfit, it's your perfect companion. Stay warm and trendy, sustainably.