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Athens Cooler

Improve your experience with our eco-friendly 15L cooler. Crafted from 600D rPET, it has a frontal pocket. It also features horizontal coloured strips and recycled cotton handles. Elevate your stylish leisure sustainably.

Bangkok Cooler

12L recycled plastic cooler: Durable, eco-friendly, with a handy transport strap. Supplied with a plate (14 x 7cm) so you can customise with a logo. Ideal for keeping your refreshments cool on the go, while camping or for a day at the beach.

Dublin Cooler

Elevate your experience with our versatile 28L cooler backpack. Crafted from rPET, with a big front pocket and two side pockets. A big compartment that guarantees generous storage. Keep your refreshments cool and enjoy easy cleaning.

Florence L Cooler

Unveil convenience with our 10L cooler: crafted from 600D rPET, it features two compartments, a frontal pocket and advanced thermo injection zippers for optimal cooling. Elevate your outdoor experiences with style and eco-consciousness.

Florence M Cooler

Elevate your outdoor experience with our eco-friendly 5L cooler. Made of 600D rPET, it offers 2 handles. The cutting-edge thermo injection zippers ensure your contents stay cool, making it the perfect companion.

Munich L Cooler

Achieve ultimate convenience with our 600D rPET 10L cooler, crafted from recycled materials. The wide opening, double way thermo injection zippers and insulation body ensure temperature retention. Plus, the addition of the shoulder strap improves your comfort.

Munich M Cooler

Experience the ultimate convenience with our 600D rPET 7,5L cooler. Made from recycled materials, it's an eco-friendly choice, while a roomy compartment meets your needs, aided by two handles. Keep things cool while minimizing your environmental impact.

Reykjavik Cooler

Keep your refreshments cool with our rPET cooler, with sleek black finishes. Designed for an eco-conscious experience, its fabric is derived from recycled materials. The roll-top closure ensures easy access, while the top handle adds portability.

San Francisco Cooler

Improve your outdoor experiences with our environmentally-friendly cooler. Crafted from recycled plastics, double walled, 35L capacity and a generous frontal customizable plate (20 x 10cm). The insulated body ensures your refreshments stay cool for up to 4 days.